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Esco African

Esco African Safaris was founded in 2020 by both Ugandan and Dutch natives, who have had the pleasure of exploring this paradise and want to share their appreciation for the Pearl of Africa as it was dubbed by Sir Winston Churchill with the rest of the world . The Flora and Fauna on the African continent is a marvel which has always attracted people from all over the world who want to experience the beauty that is Africa. While we might offer other parts of Africa, East Africa (in particular Uganda) is our main destination. This African Paradise is a highlights reel of African landscape, with its dense, misty forests, snow-peaked mountains, glassy lakes and sprawling savanna. Uganda’s primary allure are the mountain gorillas but also the wildlife safaris, volcano trekking, whitewater rafting or just kicking back on the beach. It's a home of most animals, adventures, scenery and diverse culture with no crowds.

About our Founers

Hello everyone My name is Esther Giljam, born and raised in the southwest of Uganda. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, I was a business woman who also travelled my native country. In 2010, I moved to the Netherlands, there I met Cor and we are happily married. Having visited the Pearl of Africa together, we decided that the next step in our carriers was to organise tours and safaris to Uganda and the neighbouring countries. While Uganda is a home for magnificent Flora and fauna, it’s also home to very diverse cultures and groups of people and as a native, I have had first hand interactions with most of these people. We are warm and welcoming people yet we have a lot of differences about us that make us so unique. Our different cultures have become something to explore and learn about for example the Batwa. Sharing my knowledge about my beautiful motherland is my daily drive, and I can’t wait to experience Uganda with all of you.
Hello there, I am Cor. Thanks for visiting our home page. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and long time ago I felt in love with the Pearl of Africa, and with one of the most beautiful ladies of this magnificent country. You can guess, her name is Esther, and we are happily married. During my career in international tourism I was working as a river cruise expert in mainly Europe and USA and Canada. When I met Esther it was not difficult to find the next occupation for me when I retire: organise holidays to Uganda and the neighbouring countries. This with the focus on the unique wildlife, but also on the friendly people. I guess you know that the gorillas are an endangered species, and live nowadays only on the green mountains of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda. A close meeting with those magnificent and peaceful primates is an experience of a life time. Our network exists of over 300 international tour operators, of whom with many I am close friends now. So I am going to make the next step in the profession of my life time: Doing all I can to offer our clients the holiday of their life. I look forward to seeing you soon, preferably on Entebbe Airport!
Hello Everyone, My name is Michelle Angel Joosen and I was born in the Netherlands to my beautiful Ugandan mother. In 2018, I went to Uganda and I had the opportunity to see the Uganda wildlife Centre ( zoo) which was very beautiful and I had a lot of fun. I also went to the beach and I visited my mother’s village in the west where I visited many family members which was very nice. I hope to see you guys in Uganda too soon. Thank you.